ESession | Daryl + Michelle – Island Cove

I met Michelle in Krispy Kreme Donuts in SM Bacoor. She is a small and petite girl who’s carrying a big bag filled with files. It’s our first time to meet. She’s nice and soft spoken. I asked her if she’s alone and that’s when she told me that her fiance is working overseas. She is currently studying for a licensure exam as they have plans to migrate there together. Distance has never been a hindrance.

I’ve met a lot of couple who were challenged by Long Distance Relationships, but luckily they were able to overcome it or I wouldn’t had the chance to meet them. I admire their courage. I’m amazed by their strength. I am inspired by their love. It’s not an easy position to be in but I am so glad that there are some couples who have and will always brave the storm just to be together till the end.

Congratulations in advance and see you soon!

© Den Montero Photography