Wedding: Michael + Sheila – Meycauyan, Bulacan

They say that you can always witness a typical Filipino knot- tying in a Bulacan wedding. Michael and Shiela’s wedding did not fail to impress me on theirs when they chose me to cover their wedding in Bulacan even I am a Cavite photographer.

As bright as the sun on that day, their golden yellow motif radiated Michael and Shiela’s love for each other. It was such a beautiful day. Everyone had smiles on their faces and it made this Bulacan wedding even more remarkable. Both the groom and the bride’s families were warm and friendly. I guess the residents of Meycauyan, Bulacan are such nice people. They welcomed a Cavite wedding photographer and helped me in cuing proper locations for pictures that will be their souvenirs during that day.

The bridal make- up and gown preparation were the one appeared to be the most striking for me. The grins on the bride’s face as well as her bridesmaids were surreal. Closeness and excitement were uncontainable. Their reactions were like telling: “This is it. We are happy for you.” Truly, wedding is an event that makes me nostalgic. It is saying goodbye to your family yet there is a hello in creating a new one with the one you love.

The church in Meycauyan, Bulacan that Michael and Shiela chose to solemnize their vows is such a fantastic place. I was in awe to look at the intricate details of the church altar. As I was taking pictures, this Cavite wedding photographer felt rather familiar with the place maybe because the venue was very inviting. The reception area was also a delight. Wedding guests seemed to be very satisfied with what the couple prepared.

If there are some things that being a Cavite photographer taught me in this wedding, it is capturing moments that words cannot explain.

Shot for The Jawiman Concept