BTS – Two Gardens Tagaytay

About 8 months ago, I received an email telling me that she fell in love with my pictures in Instagram and wanted to book me for their upcoming family / esession photoshoot. I asked where it’ll be and when they informed me that it’ll be in Two Gardens Tagaytay​, I freaked out.

Two Gardens Tagaytay​ is definitely one of my dream venue.  I was still doubting myself and the fear of being not good enough slowly embraced me. Questions like “will they be happy with my output? Will they ever be satisfied with my shots?” echoed in my mind. It was really really nerve-racking.

The day finally came, I swallowed all my worries and took all the courage that I have left to proceed with the shoot. I gathered my troop: I had my ever supportive dad with me as my Production Assistant. I have Det, my-bride-turned-friend-turned-trusted-stylist of Grass Designs, as my stylist and my little one, Air, is there as my cheerleader. With these people by my side, what is left for me to fear?

So just imagine how relieved I felt when I heard back from the client about how they loved the pictures and saw this BTS from the ever talented Joana Eduardo. It’s a testament that my clients had so much fun and was really satisfied. Their smiles were genuine and they were really happy with their experience.

You can view their pictures here:

I came in as a photographer, I left as a friend. I may not be the best one there is, but I am just so proud to meet such wonderful people, be entrusted with such great stories and be treated as a part of their family with every shoot that I do and with every event that I cover.

Ps. This was taken 7 months ago, I’m 15 lbs heavier (blame it on the BER months… yes, lulusot talaga ako! Walang makakapigil sakin! Hahaha!) I’m currently on my journey to hotness so that the next BTS that I’ll do, I’ll be hotter than ever! 😛