Debut | Judy Ann – Villa Salud

“What is it like to be loved by everybody? It’s like living as a princess in your own sweet kingdom.”

Judy Ann’s debut was one of the sweetest and most memorable event that we documented. Despite the quick timeline for preparations (they pulled this off in less than two months!), everything went smoothly as planned.

That night, she was an epitome of grace and a true princess adored by everyone. You can really tell that she has a kind heart after hearing all the inspiring stories from her friends and family topped with the video presentation from her bestfriend, Maribeth.

It was a definitely a night to remember!

© Den Montero Photography


HMUA: Make-up by Kate Abalos

GOWN: CATERING: Villa Salud Catering Services

CAKE: Villa Salud Catering Services

STYLING: Villa Salud Catering Services

And here’s her video!

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