ESession | Jayson + Anne – NAIA 3 and Silang, Cavite

Love comes when you least expect it. It may come in a form of a letter, a spoken confession or in Jayson and Anne’s experience – from a social media platform.

Jayson and Anne are two lonely hearts both living in Singapore. Jayson is working as an Aircraft mechanic for a year in Singapore and for 3 years, Anne is busy with her pre-schoolers in an international school in Singapore. It was until one sunny day that they both decided to use the cellphone app Skout. Skout is a popular social app which can also be compared to Tinder in which it matches people that are within a certain area.

Jayson: “I was searching for something interesting and I found her.”

Anne: “Nagandahan kasi siya agad sa akin. Hahaha!” 

After a series of exchanges, they then decided to finally meet.

Anne: “When I met him, it’s like we’ve known each other for so long. It’s like we’ve been friends for quite some time. I even gave him my rice then because I was on a diet.”

Jayson: “When I met her my first reaction was, OK to ah. She was simple and very professional.”

Who texted first? “Jayson.”

Who said I love you first? “Anne.”

“Before he came, I was really praying for someone to be there and to love me forever. He was praying the same thing. We’re just so lucky to find each other in God’s perfect time.”


Singapore x Qatar x Philippines

(C) Den Montero | Cavite Wedding & Events Photographer


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