ESession: Malkiyel + Laine – Intramuros, Manila

Love Bakery

Malkiyel and Laine met each other back in high school and according to Laine, “Crush na talaga niya ako noon pa.” This statement made Malkiyel blush. It took several years before Malkiyel got the courage to ask her out and it all came as an accident.

“I was on my way to the bakery to buy some bread and then on my way there, I just saw here. I told myself this would be my final chance so I approached her and asked for her number. We became textmates ever since. It was just then when I learned that we were actually neighbors.”

So what did you love most about her?

“She’s a strong woman. She’s willing to risk everything just for her love ones. She’s independent but when you are with her, you know that is what makes you complete.”

© Den Montero | Cavite Wedding Photographer

HMUA: Marvie M. Perez

LOCATION: Intramuros, Manila