Golden Wedding | Rey + Roging – Indang, Cavite

It was a fine day for a wedding and it was my first time to cover a wedding in Indang, Cavite and my first time to cover a Golden Wedding if I may add. We were welcomed to this modest house at the heart of Indang and that is where I met Tatay Rey and Nanay Roging.

Nanay Roging loves to smile and Tatay Rey, well he loves to observe. You can see that based on his stance, he was the man of the house. He appears grumpy most of the time but whenever he sees Nanay Roging, he just lights up and I’m always in awe – amazed on how one person continuously have the same effect to someone despite 50 years of marriage.

And then comes the renewal of vows… onion cutting ninjas everywhere. It was emotional and inspirational.

Here’s a great take away for couples:

3 secrets to a successful marriage…

1. Do not fight. If you must fight, fight in private.

2. Always be present. Wherever one will go, the other must follow.

3. Make God the center of your relationship and He will strenghten it.

Haaay, the feels… congratulations Tatay Rey and Nanay Roging!