Wedding| Darren + Irish – Singapore Wedding

Oh em zing! We’re in Singapore!

I have always dreamt of flying to Singapore but I never thought that I’d be there to cover a Singapore wedding. It’s definitely beyond my wildest dreams!

Singapore is just so beautiful! The moment I stepped at the Changi Airport, my eyes twinkled seeing how modern their airport is so just imagine how much more being outside affected me. I already have my days mapped out for my solo tour but more of that later.

Now to the wedding!

I arrived at the hotel early in the morning accompanied by a good friend who also acted as my 2nd shooter on that date. Irish was almost done with her make-up, and we began shooting. The air was fun since we share the hotel with their family who came from the Philippines. For a moment I felt at home in a foreign land. After all the preparations, we all went to The Halia right after.

The Halia is a rustic lover’s haven! Located at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Halia is the perfect spot for a rustic themed wedding. From the place, to the decor, up to the vibe… everything is just perfect. I also noticed that most of the staff are Filipinos and I felt more comfortable when we began conversing in Filipino.

I always thought that Singaporeans are really strict and stiff. Partly yes, as they appear as super serious but when you get to know them you’ll learn that they are a bunch of talented people who are accommodating and also fun to be with.

So here’s a peak of Shun Qiang and Irish’s Wedding!

***Tea Ceremony 敬茶 (Jin Cha)

In the Western’s solemnization wedding ceremony, the tea ceremony in China would be its counterpart. This is the time when the bride and groom meet each other’s families. The family of the groom is the one first visited where tea is served in this ritual. Then, the couple go to the bride’s family to pay respect. The bride should also wear the Kua or a traditional wedding dress in China as she returns to her family’s home.There are certain rules that govern the Chinese tea ceremony, which include the brewing of tea in red dates and longans and using tea set in the dowry basket. Primarily, the dates and longans are symbol of childbirth early during the marriage and the sweet tea symbolizes the harmonious relationship between the newly wed couple and their respective families.

Gowns and Suits: 520 Library Bridal Shop

Hair and Make-up: 520 Library Bridal Shop

Venue: The Halia – Singapore Botanic Gardens

Photography: Den Montero Photography

Photobooth: Jomandy Photography