Why you shouldn’t ditch your Prenup Session


Ohhhh wow! Summer is here! And for most it may be the start of their vacations and out of town trips, but for some it’s the perfect time to shoot their Prenup or Engagement sessions.

What is a Prenup / Esession exactly?

An engagement session or often times called as “Prenup” is simply defined as a portrait session for you and your spouse as you prepare to tie the knot. It’s the perfect time to reminisce and enjoy sweet moments with your loved one in a more calm manner.

and NO, it’s not the same with prenuptial agreements. You’re welcome!

But what does it really mean to have a Prenup/ Esession?

As some couples want to ditch the engagement sessions for factors like cost, expenses and time… I highly encourage my couples to plan and allot a time for it.

It’s not just another portrait session.

As others may perceive it as just another portrait session, it’s actually the very first collaboration that you’ll have with your chosen suppliers.

Hair and Make-up Artists. As some might not have the luxury to do a trial makeup, this can also serve as your testing phase. The HMUAs will have a better feel of your facial shape, complexion, and type of skin… and they can better prepare for it!

I had a bride once who had no idea that she was acidic. So on the day of our engagement session, we noticed that the make-up on her face is starting to get darker than her true complexion. Good thing the HMUAs are just on location and they retouched it with ease. Imagine if that happened to the wedding day itself, it would be a nightmare for us photographers!

The Venue. Different reception venues has varying rules when it comes to prenups / engagement sessions. Some may offer it for free while some might have a separate fee. But nonetheless, I encourage my client to do our engagement session on their chosen venue.

Why? For starters, 80% of the time it’s free! Who doesn’t want anything that’s free! And it’ll be a great time to explore the beauty of the place. Because as much as we want to explore the whole venue during the wedding day, we are still time constrained… time is our friend and worst enemy.

And for those who wants to be more adventurous, you can also check out other venues or out of town locations. You can try beaches, mountain scapes and alike but please do check these with your suppliers as well since out of town fees might be added.

Your Photographer / Videographer. You’ve seen their work, admired their shots but are you ready?Not to scare you or anything, but there is definitely a greater advantage for us if we do an engagement session.

It will be the first time we’ll work together.

It’ll be a great chance for you to know more about them, about us. Learn how they work and be more comfortable around them. As cliche as it may sound but I always encourage our clients to just be themselves but it does take a certain level of comfort and trust to do so. That is why we don’t just shoot your engagement photos but we also take part in planning your shoot and discussing your pegs and themes before hand. Communication is our biggest asset!

It’s your getting to know phase!

Apart from being comfortable behind the lens, it would also be the best time for us as photographers to take a more relaxed session. Because once the big day comes, believe me or not… everything is like a blur!

We will teach you ways to find your best angle, be more confident in your own skin and just be YOU in front of the camera minus the awkward stares to the unknown. You will be more confident on your wedding day and maybe you’ll even want a post nuptial session after!

We don’t just act as photographers, but we are also your creative directors and pose experts!

ESession done. Now what?

So we’re finished with the Engagement session, the next question is – What can we do with it?

Apart from digital copies of your gorgeous engagement portraits, you can also use them for your wedding in the form of

  • invitations
  • venue decorations
  • guest book
  • gifts / favors
  • table signs / numbers
  • souvenirs
  • misalettes / programs
  • photo booth layout
  • wedding website

So grab that chance and book your session! You’ll never regret it. 🙂