5 Take Aways from Kasalang Filipino sa Imus 2017 Bridal Fair


Hi Loves!

If you remember just early in the month, I was inviting you to join our first ever bridal fair, The Kasalang Filipino sa Imus 2017 at The District Imus. Since most suppliers from Cavite are coming, it’s the perfect place to book the suppliers for your upcoming Tagaytay wedding! After months and months of planning, it’s finally done! I never thought bridal fairs could be this nerve wracking and exciting at the same time.

Here’s the official event poster from this leg of their Bridal Fair.

The support from you guys are really overwhelming and I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came, visited us and most importantly entrusted us as their photographer for their Tagaytay and Cavite weddings right on the spot. I met a lot of people during the entire course and also we had lots of fun. I must say, it really isn’t easy to be a promo girl so my salute to everyone in that industry!


5 Take aways from the Kasalang Filipino Bridal Fair


My booth styled by Ms. Che Briones of Party Planet… yes, I love rustic themes.

I must say, the Bridal Fair industry is one huge community. During the entire 3 day fair, I’ve met different people, heard different stories and laughed at different bloopers (actually the latter was quite frequent than the other ones… HAHA!). So here’s my take aways from the Kasalang Filipino Bridal Fair.


1. The Perfect Meet and Greet Opportunity

“What you’re a photographer? I never knew!”

“I always thought you were a guy! Haha!”

So since this was our first ever – everrrr bridal fair and that it was held at our home turf, a lot of our neighbors saw me again for the first time. They had no idea that I was a photographer which made me realise, I’m not marketing myself enough if those people which are literally around me had no clue. That is why I really took this opportunity to get my self out there. I blocked out those 3 days and ensured that I met with everyone who visited. They were even shocked to learn that I’m a woman. HAHA!

Tiring? Yes. Fun? Definitely!


Hi I’m Den. And no, I’m not a man. HAHA!


2. Time To Create New Friends

As the best event suppliers in Cavite gather, it’s the perfect time to meet your local suppliers. As a part of the industry, it’s also the best time for us to network and befriend other heroes from our own events community. I took it as a chance to say hi to old friends and met new ones! Now I have a longer list that I can share to my clients.

Meeeee, Ms. Che Briones of Party Planet and Jam Saquilayan of Host Jam


3. Research your suppliers beforehand

What I loved about Kasalang Filipino Birdal Fair is that they really took some time to announce and promote all the suppliers that are joining the event. I suggest that take this as the best reason to research your suppliers. As much as I love on the spot bookers, it’s still better if you know more about them and see if they are a perfect fit for you. Check out their websites to see their styles, follow their facebook pages to review their latest works and lastly list down questions. Sometimes the hype of the bridal fairs, and well of course the massive discounts can be overwhelming. So better be prepared and don’t let all that hype mask how you envision your wedding to be.

Book us not just because we gave you the best deal, but book us because you believed in our craft and that you see us as someone you can trust! 😉


Here are some of the freebies that we offered during the bridal fair! 🙂


4. Ask questions!

Halt! Before you glide your pen to that ethereal piece of white paper, are you 100% sure that you’ve covered everything that you need to know? Before signing that contract, ensure that you fully understand the services that they will offer. Be fully informed and ask.

Are there any OOTF – Out of Town Fees?

What are the freebies that you offer?

What time do you usually arrive?

Are there any other charges that we should know?

Here’s Jayzel in action. Goooo team!


5. Lastly, just have fun!!!

With all the supplier shopping, the interviews, the price comparisons… you might feel a little too overwhelmed – don’t be! My last take away… haaaaave F-U-N! The journey for you shouldn’t be all too serious and boring! See this as a new dating adventure with your significant other! Play around and just be silly! Or if you’re coming here with friends or relatives, bond! Since most of the bridal fairs are already happening in malls, take it as a chance to catch up with your friends and just be ooohhh – so romantic with your groom to be. 😉


So I hope my list helps you in a way. Check out some other pics below of our gorgeous bridal fair booth designed by Party Planet. ^_^